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Graduate Schools of Science

Presenting the programmes of the Graduate School of Exact Sciences, the Graduate School of Informatics and the Graduate School of Life and Earth Sciences.
Majors and Minors
Tesla Minor 2019- 2020
Tesla Minor is an interdisciplinary minor of 30 EC for Master's students from science faculties.
Minor Science for sustainability
Science for Sustainability’ is a minor programme for science Master’s students who are eager to apply their scientific knowledge and make a contribution towards a sustainable future for humanity. The minor combines scientific knowledge with insight into economics and politics.
Scholarships for students
The Faculty of Science aims to attract talented students to its international classrooms. It offers several scholarship programmes designed to offer - both Dutch and international - motivated students the opportunity to pursue a Science degree at the University of Amsterdam.
Master's students
All information for current Master's students of the Faculty can be found on the student sites of the University of Amsterdam.
Future MSc students
The Faculty of Science has a total of 18 Master's programmes and multiple specialisations, covering a broad range of disciplines.The programmes are subdivided into three Graduate Schools, and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies.