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The project ‘The Digital City revives, a case study in web-archeology’ won one of the prestigious Digital Preservation Awards. The prizes were announced on Wednesday 30 November 2016 in London. Project partners of ‘The Digital City revives’ are Amsterdam Museum, Waag Society, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid and the NCDD. This project won in the category Safeguarding the Digital Legacy.

Photo: Digital Preservation Coalition

Set up in January 1994 De Digitale Stad, The Amsterdam Digital City, was an early local start of the internet. A complete backup from 1996 has been brought back to life. Students of the Master programme Computer Sciences, taught by Gerard Alberts, started unearthing parts of the legacy software in 2015. In 2016 a special team of students succeeded in getting the full DDS operational.

The Digital Preservation Coalition's quest to find and celebrate the very best work in digital preservation across all sectors has begun again this year, with the launch of the 2016 Digital Preservation Awards.

The prestigious Digital Preservation Awards is the most prominent celebration of achievement for those people and organisations who have made significant and innovative contributions to maintaining a digital legacy, and culminated in a awards ceremony at the Welcome Trust in London on Wednesday 30 November 2016.

The work of finalists and winners of the Digital Preservation Awards enjoys an elevated profile within the digital preservation community, with individuals and organisations often finding themselves in a much stronger position for further funding and future development.