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During the doctoral programme

During the doctoral programme you will carry out your research and, in many cases, you will also have teaching responsibilities. Depending on the doctoral position, you will complete an individual study programme which you will devise with your supervisor and record in your study plan. A study programme often consists of a general part (research methods, presentation skills and academic English) and a subject-specific part.


Have you found a doctoral position? Before you get started, familiarise yourself with the steps that are required as part of your doctoral programme.

Supervision & progress

To make sure you stay on track during your PhD you will draw up a Training & Supervision Plan (TSP) in order to avoid problems with your supervisor before the start of your PhD trajectory.

Skills development

PhD candidates in the Faculty of Science are able to attend a range of activities designed to build on their skills and experience and improve employability. This helps you to get more out of you doctorate degree, and be well prepared for your next career move.