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  • You are aware of the importance of coherence and interdependence in producing effective solutions for a sustainable world, and you want to learn more about how to realise this goal.
  • You would like to join a group of fellow science students with a broad range of backgrounds who want to learn about sustainability issues without losing their focus on one specific domain.
  • You want to learn about interdisciplinary approaches for designing sustainable solutions for urgent social challenges, and the economic and policy aspects related to these issues.
  • You enjoy collaborating actively on an interdisciplinary student project.

The minor is open to students enrolled in several two-year Master’s programmes at the Faculty of Science of the UvA.

Below are some examples of Master’s programmes in which the minor Science and Sustainability is incorporated. The minor is, amongst others, not incorporated in the curricula of the MSc Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences and Life Sciences. Please, contact the coordinator of the minor and make an appointment to talk about your personal wishes and ambitions.


Published by  GSS

26 July 2016