Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship (ASTS)

Faculty of Science

The Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship (ASTS) offered by the Faculty of Science is aimed at non Dutch talented students from the European Union / European Economic Area who choose to do a Science Master’s programme. It is a full scholarship of € 12,500 (covering tuition and living expenses) for one academic year with the possibility of extension for a second year for two-year Master’s programmes.

Who is eligible?

Candidates for the ASTS are selected on the basis of their academic excellence and promise in the proposed field as evidenced by:

  • the candidate’s academic records. Students belonging to the top 10% of graduates from their class can apply. This means an overall grade point average equivalent to at least:
    • 3.5 (GPA American system)
    • 1st class honours / upper division British system
    • 8+ (Dutch EC-system); the academic quality of the educational institute where the undergraduate (or graduate) programme has been obtained;
  • at least two letters of reference from academic staff members;
  • the quality of the letter of motivation (maximum 500 words) in which the candidate explains the reasons for choosing the specific Master’s programme (broader context, relevance for future career);
  • a description of extracurricular activities such as participation in student commissions, international experience, sports or music at a high level or volunteer work;
  • proof of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL) :TOEFL (internet-based) -  overall score of 100 (with a minimum score of 22 in each of the different components), IELTS (academic) - overall score of 7.0 (with at least 7.0 in each of the four components);
  • the quality of the application as a whole (completeness, accuracy, consistency).

How to apply?

Application for the ASTS is part of the application procedure for the Master’s programme of your choice. Please follow to steps below carefully:

  1. Check the entry requirements of your programme under ‘Application and admission’.
    Overview of Science Master’s Programmes
  2. Register in Studielink (on the same page)
  3. Submit your application online after receiving your UvA-net ID (this can take up to 48 hours)

On your application form, in the box about the funding of your studies you need to indicate that you want to make use of the ASTS scholarship. Next you will receive an email from the International Team of the UvA in which you will be asked to submit an additional motivation. Please note that your referees will receive a request for a ‘Reference Letter’ which they have to return to the International Team by means of email.


ASTS application deadline

The deadline for application is 1 March.  


The selection of candidates takes place after the deadline of application. Applicants will be informed no later than 1 April 2017.
Specific questions may be posed in writing to the International Team of the Faculty of Science,

Requirements for prolongation of the scholarship in the second year

  1. The scholarship is awarded to students in their first year of a Master’s degree programme. Only students following a 2-year Master’s programme may be awarded a scholarship for a second year.
  2. The prerequisite for obtaining the scholarship for a second year is the achievement of at least 80% of the 60 possible credits. The Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship Committee will ask the programme coordinator to confirm that these credits have indeed been achieved.  
  3. The Faculty of Science requires that students satisfy the supplementary requirements imposed on students by the faculty and or programme, such as the obligation to attend all classes, good progress, effort.


Published by  Faculty of Science

24 August 2017