Master's programmes

The Faculty of Science has a total of 17 Master's programmes and multiple specialisations, covering a broad range of disciplines.The programmes are subdivided into three Graduate Schools, and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Read more about the Master's programmes we offer in each of these domains via the links below: 

Exact Sciences

Life and Earth Sciences

Information Sciences

Interdisciplinary Studies

Master Majors and Minors

At the UvA's Faculty of Science you can also choose to do your Master’s programme with a society-/ business-oriented major or minor that focuses on other skills than doing research. In this case you will follow the programme of your chosen scientific discipline during the first year of your Master’s, and a society-/ business-oriented major or minor during the second year. You graduate as a Master of Science. 

Majors (60 EC)

Minors (30 EC)


Published by  Faculty of Science

20 November 2017