Skills development

for PhD candidates

PhD candidates at the Faculty of Science are able to attend a range of activities designed to build on their skills and experience and improve employability. This helps you to get more out of you doctorate degree, and be well prepared for your next career move.

There are many opportunities to develop transferable skills, offered at different levels of the organisation. On this website you can find details about the practical skills training courses and workshops running during the academic year.

UvA programmes

The Faculty of Science provides a programme with formal training throughout the year. This programme is intended for all PhD candidates with an appointment at the Faculty. 

Additionally, there are PhD courses available at the University level with topics such as career orientation, funding and communication and presentation. 

The Educational Training Centre has developed two new courses for PhD students who would like some (additional) didactical knowledge to help you with your teaching or supervising.

The first course is called ‘Teaching Skills for PhD candidates’. This course is mandatory for all PhD’s who will be teaching, and focuses on the skills that are needed to stand in front of a group of students or to give one-on-one feedback in a computer class or laboratory setting. It takes place several times a year, and you are encouraged to enroll right before you start to teach. It takes two afternoons. To register, go to:

The second course is called ‘How to effectively supervise individual student projects?’. This course focuses on the supervision of interns and how to give feedback on behavior. As with the ‘Teaching skills’ course, this course also takes place several times a year. It is most useful when you are about to start supervising an intern. To register, go to:

Lastly, we are offering peer consultation sessions. During these sessions you will discuss and help each other with recent and pressing or problematic situations as a teacher or supervisor. One of the trainers of the Educational Teaching Centre is present to guide the peer consultation process and give advice. The participants bring in the cases that will be discussed.

If you have a problematic situation at any time or just like to continue discussing and professionalizing your teaching you are welcome to join. We would appreciate it if you register beforehand by sending an email to

The dates for the next peer consultation sessions are: Tuesday October 17th from 3:00 – 5:00 pm, Tuesday February 13th from 3:00 – 5:00 pm and Tuesday April 10th from 3:00 – 5:00 pm


Programmes outside the University 

The Netherlands has a large number of Research Schools. These are collaborative research and PhD training institutions in specific domains. Special PhD courses are offered in many of the research schools in the Netherlands.

Postdoc Career Development Initiative

The Postdoc Career Development Initiative supports talented young scientists in career orientation and development. See for more information this website: Postdoc retreat / Postdoc Career Development Initiative (PCDI)

Lanuage skills 

For improvement of your English or Dutch Language skills you can choose from a range of institutes: The institute for Dutch Language EducationCentrum voor NascholingUvA Talen

Published by  GSS

17 October 2017