Faculty of Science

PhD skills development

Besides gaining scientific knowledge and skills, PhD candidates are expected to develop communication skills, personal effectiveness and didactic skills. To this end, the Faculty of Science offers an educational programme. The courses are meant for all PhD candidates of the Faculty and are obligatory, unless a comparable course has been followed elsewhere.

The programme consists of the following parts:   

1. Introductory meeting 

Arriving in Amsterdam and being a PhD candidate in an unfamiliar environment can be quite alienating. In this first meeting you get to know the Faculty and meet other PhD candidates. Every year, in January, May and September the faculty will organize an introductory Meeting. You will be automatically invited for this meeting by the communication department of the faculty.

2. Mastering your PhD (including Trust in Science) 

This training of six meetings aims at preparing PhD candidates in the best possible way for their PhD career at the Faculty of Science. It is designed with the help and input of PhD candidates as well as senior researchers/teachers.

One component of the training is Trust in Science.  Every scientist that starts an appointment has to sign “The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice” (VSNU 2004, revision 2012). ). In this part of the training you learn about the content of the code of conduct, the meaning of it for your research, and in what situations you have to take it into account.

3. Teaching and supervising students

Most PhD candidates haven’t been teaching before. Before you start teaching you are expected to follow the course Teaching Skills for PhD candidates. In this course you learn the basic skills to help you (further) develop your teaching skills.

As a PhD candidate you will be likely to supervise BSc or MSc students during their internships. Do you want to learn how you can effectively supervise individual student projects? This course will prepare you for your task and you will discover what supervision style suits you most.

4. Job and career planning  

What is your plan once you have obtained your doctorate degree? This can be a difficult question for some. The Postdoc Career Development  Initiative organises two courses who might be interesting for you: the Postdoc Retreat also for PhD candidates in there last year and Employability Outside Academia. In this courses you learn how to continue your career in the academic and/or non-academic world. 

If you want to participate this or a similar course please contact your personnel advisor or institute manager.

5. Planning your thesis 

You’re heading towards the end but have still lots of work to do. You can find in the step-by-step introductions of the Doctorate Regulations everything about the practical matters to be sure you obtain your doctorate in time

Additional course: English Presentation course 

This course is for non native speakers of English who wish to refresh and develop their English for more effective and confident communication. In 5 sessions you get to improve your pronunciation and verbal expressions in English; structuring PowerPoint-presentations with focus on conferences and academic work groups; getting the message across and keeping the audience involved.

If you are interested in this course please send an email to professionalisering-science@uva.nl . When there is enough interest for this course (at least 8 participants) the faculty will organise a course.

Published by  GSS

24 November 2016