PhD councils

There are PhD councils on University, Faculty and Research Institute level to optimally look after the interest of the PhD community. Below you can read more about the different councils and their role.

The Faculty PhD council

The FNWI PhD council represents PhD candidates at the Faculty level. Examples of what the council is concerned with are supervision of PhD candidates, the curriculum of supplementary courses for PhD candidates and housing. Furthermore, the council organizes events and is always willing to help or advise (prospective) PhD candidates.

The goal of the PhD & PD council of the Faculty of Science at the UvA is mainly to be a line of communication between the PhD & PD community and the Dean of the Faculty. To do this there are regular meetings with the Dean where the council acts as intermediary  on all issues that affect the PhD & PD community. 

They also organize social events for PhD candidates and postdocs, please check the calendar for the next social event.

Main issues 

There are a couple of important issues for PhD candidates and postdocs, in addition to setting up the council itself:

  • Housing: It can be very hard for (foreign) PhD candidates and postdocs to find an affordable and acceptable place to live in Amsterdam; together with the Dean we will try to find solutions for this issue.
  • PhD courses: Currently, it is very unclear which courses are offered for PhD students, when they are offered, and whether they are obligatory. We want to collect this information in one place, and also make sure there is a bigger variety of courses with useful and interesting topics specifically for PhD candidates.
  • Building a PhD & PD community at Faculty level. The council aims to increase social coherence within the Faculty and foster interdisciplinary collaborations. They also intend to extend the PhD & PD council to have at least one representative for every Institute of the Faculty.

UvA PhD Council (UvApro) 

Next to the Faculty council there is a PhD Researchers Association (UvApro). This is a group of PhD researchers who strive to ensure good terms of employment and the provision of information for all PhD candidates at the University of Amsterdam.

Institute PhD Councils

Some of the Research Institutes have their own PhD council to serve as a feedback mechanism on the Institute level and to contribute to social coherence. Information about the Institute councils can be found on the websites of the Research Institutes.  

Published by  Faculty of Science

27 July 2015