Study programme

The Master Program Computer Science is a two-year Master Program, consisting of 120 EC.

General structure of the programme:

Master core: (54 EC)

  • Distributed Systems; laying the foundation of today‚Äôs IT systems where everything is connected with everything else
  • History of Digital Cultures; placing CS into its societal and historical context
  • Literature study and seminar; investigating existing solutions to a research question and presenting findings within one of the research groups
  • Master project (36 EC); independently executing a project, turning everything learned so-far into a 'master piece'

Restricted choices: (6 - 18 EC)

For ensuring the breadth of the program, all students must have followed at least one course out of each of the following restricted choice areas. 

Foundations of Computing and Concurrency, choose one from: 

  • Logical Verification 
  • Term Rewriting Systems 
  • Distributed Algorithms 
  • Advanced Logic 
  • Protocol Validation

Mathematics, choose one from: 

  • Coding and Cryptography 
  • Experimental Design and Data Analysis 

Programming, choose one from: 

  • Individual Systems Practical 
  • Kernel Programming  
  • Internet programming 
  • Programming Multi-core and Many-core Systems 
  • Parallel Programming Practical 
  • Android lab 
  • Software Testing Practical 
  • Concurrency and Multithreading 
  • High Performance Computing and Big Data 

Software Engineering, choose one from: 

  • Service Oriented Design 
  • Software Asset Management 
  • Software Architecture 
  • Software Testing 


Track core

The Master's programme of Computer Science currently offers six distinct tracks:

  • Big Data Engineering
  • Computer Systems Security
  • Foundations of Computing and Concurrency
  • Internet and Web Technology
  • Parallel Computing Systems
  • Software Engineering and Green IT

Free choice: (18 - 30 EC)

A list of pre-approved courses for free choice, consisting of the restricted-choice courses, and all other courses (Master level) given by the CS dept of the VU and the Informatics Institute of the UvA. This explicitly covers courses from the Masters Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, and Logics.  



Bring your own device

All students enrolled in Computer Science are requested to bring their own laptop, due to the nature of the programme. More information on specific system requirements can be found here.

Published by  GSI

5 September 2017