Information Retrieval

Master's programme Artificial Intelligence

The way we access, provide, and exchange information has changed dramatically with the rise of the Internet. Information retrieval studies and invents methods and techniques for the design, implementation, and use of information processing technology in the context of a variety of Internet applications, ranging from search engines to text analysis.

Information Retrieval has developed from a number of research areas, including Computer Science, Library Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, and Natural Language Processing. While Information Retrieval builds on techniques from a variety of research areas, there are a number of research problems that are specific to the Web applications, such as the design of Internet search engines, efficient linking of related information across the Web, improving information extraction from social networking sites, and the access of foreign language information. In addition, the sheer scale of the Internet opens up tremendous opportunities for data mining approaches, while at the same time posing interesting research challenges with respect to robustness and scalability.

Within the Information Retrieval profile you will be familiarized with several data mining, natural language processing, and link-based techniques that are not only relevant to this profile but also to many other Artificial Intelligence applications. It covers the well-established techniques within the area but is also looks forward, discussing the science behind cutting-edge technologies and anticipating Web technologies that yet have to be fully realized. 


Published by  GSI

19 February 2015