Study environment

The Intelligent Robot Laboratory

robot lab

This is where students are working day and night on projects related to intelligent systems. The most spectacular are the experiments with the robots, for instance the humanoid Nao or the robot dog Aibo. The robots are put to good use  by all the students; from the first year of the Bachelor’s programme all the way to  the Master’s level, where students get to use those robots for their graduation.

The Experimental Hall


Prominently occupying the main stage in the experimental hall of the van der Waals - Zeeman Institute, FAMoS is probably familiar to almost any student in the Faculty of Science. Together with scanning tunneling microscopes, advanced transport experiments, crystal growth and characterization facilities, FAMoS is an advanced research tool at the heart of the Hard Condensed Matter cluster.

The Greenhouse

in the greenhouses

At Science Park we have new greenhouses in which we can control the climate and the light conditions in many independent units. As such we can grow almost any plant from seed to seed. We also have permits to perform research with different pathogens and insects. In addition, there are many plant growth chambers in the faculty building.


The Chemistry labs

chemistry lab

The chemistry labs are the place where students are trained to become both architect and construction worker. Many students prefer the fumehood’s shielding sash window as their drawing board. Within the fumehoods, advanced molecules - with a focus on catalysis, drug or materials - are made.

29 October 2015